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French / Spanish / German to English translation in Paris

About me

French / Spanish / German to English translation in Paris

Hi, I’m Stephanie Hills. I’ve been working as a translator for twenty years. I'm Scottish, born in Edinburgh, and have studied language and literature in three languages. I’ve travelled extensively in Spanish-speaking central America and lived in Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, and Glaswegian-speaking Glasgow. Twelve years ago I moved to fascinating, infuriating Paris where I’ve made my home in the north-east with my bilingual five-year-old.



  • We deeply appreciated working with Stephanie for her great knowledge of French, for her strong commitment and her deep understanding of the material.

    Penché Dans Le Vent
  • The work was expertly done in an efficient and courteous manner, with sensitivity and perception. We would have no hesitation in recommending Stephanie most warmly.

    Ich Will Da Sein
  • Stephanie’s work is highly professional. Her skills in her mother tongue English, in German and Spanish comprise not only grammar and vocabulary but also great literary knowledge and the necessary feel for language.

    El Jardín en el Mar, Seelenvögel, Rivers and Tides, the Colour of Yearning…
  • For our latest film Stephanie was the language consultant dealing with some difficult problems caused by Portuguese dialect and slurred speech. Our French distributor was extremely pleased with her work.

    Leaning Into The Wind
  • Estamos encantadas de haber colaborado con Stephanie durante 2018. Esperamos que los nuevos proyectos en los que trabajemos el próximo año nos ayuden a seguir en contacto.

    Acttiv Leisure Products
  • Está perfecto, Stephanie. Nos ha gustado mucho 😊 / Thanks a lot, it’s perfect. Thank you for helping us meeting this deadline!


Frequently asked questions

  • Intro

    I need a translation. What should I do?

    If you email me the text for translation and tell me how urgently you need it, I’ll generally reply within two working days. Your quote will include the charge and the turnaround time.

  • Cost

    How much will my translation cost?

    No one translation job is the same as another so the price depends on your particular text.

    As an example, as recommended my professional translation bodies, I charge around €150 per 1,000 words. This rate includes all text discussion time, which, on occasion, can take as long as the actual translation. Good preparation reduces translation time.

    All work is subject to a minimum charge of €50.00.

    I provide a consultation service for regular clients - they may send me a sentence for proof-reading or translation, at no cost.

  • Timing

    How long will it take?

    Again, this depends on the type of text, on my availability, and on how urgently you need the job done. Short, non-technical translations will normally be completed within five working days. My working hours are generally Monday – Friday, 9h – 16h30.


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